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Revised Timeline based on Rika's Behind Story + V's AE + Ray's route


  • Zen's brother is born.[1]


  • Mika is born.[2]



  • September 9 - Jihyun Kim (V) is born.* (?)
  • October 5 - Jumin Han is born.* (?)

*This year of birth was calculated by assuming V debuted as a photographer at age 18... and by keeping in mind Jumin & V are the same age.


  • November 3 - Mina (Rika) is born.[3]



  • 2 year-old Mina (Rika) is adopted by Yoosung's aunt at the adoption center.
    • Yoosung aunt brings the priest in the hopes of choosing a child that will help convert her husband, a hospital director, to Christianity. The priest picks Mina.
  • Mina (Rika) is renamed "Serena Kim".


  • Mika is sent to an orphanage, one year after Mina (Rika)'s adoption.


  • December 28 - Jaehee is born.[4]



  • April 1 - Zen is born.[5]
  • June 11 - The two identical twins Saeyoung and Saeran are born in secret. Saeyoung is born first. (22 years ago in AS)[6]
    • Their father, who had just became a government official, tries to eliminate evidence they're his children after the DNA tests confirm it.



  • March 12 - Yoosung is born.[7]



  • Short flashback with Saeyoung and Saeran's mother telling her children to not step out of the door if they want to live. (15 years ago in AS)[8]



  • Serena Kim (Rika) is 15.
  • At her father's hospital, she meets Mika again, someone she knew from the adoption center when she was a toddler.
    • This meeting impacts Rika. Feeling guilt over being adopted over Mika and seeing her life being cut short by cancer, Rika becomes obsessed with helping others.
    • One week after meeting Mika, she adopts Sally, a stray dog.



  • V debuts as a photographer.
  • Rika goes to a photo exhibit titled "The Sun" and becomes enamored with V's work.


  • Rika meets Saeyoung for the first time.
    • Rika notes he looks old enough to be in middle school, Saeyoung is most likely 12 years old on their first meeting.


  • 13 year-old Saeyoung uses a computer for the first time.[9]


  • After two years of dedication to community service and educating Saeyoung Rika earns the nickname of "Rika the angel".
  • Saeran tries ice cream for the first time with Saeyoung. (8 years ago in AS)[10]
  • Rika's adoptive mother gives her the ultimatum that she'll get rid of her room in 2 years.


  • Zen, still in middle school, runs away from home to live on his own.
  • 15 year-old Zen has his career debut in a play called Cube World. (7 years ago in AS)[11]


  • Rika meets Yoosung for the first time.
  • Rika meets V for the first time in his photo exhibition while Saeyoung is at a science exhibition.
  • Rika becomes V's model.
    • She mentions Zen, a musical singer still in High School (16~18). Zen is most likely 16 this year.
  • 2 months after becoming V's model, Rika is kicked out of her adoptive home as "promised" by her mother. She lived there for 20 years.
  • Rika takes shelter at the cathedral and quits her modeling job that week.
  • One week later, V searches for Rika and finds the cathedral she attends to, after finding her, he purposes to her. They become engaged in the same year they met.
  • V sends Saeyoung to the agency. (6 years ago in AS[12] / 7 years ago in OS)[13]
  • Vanderwood who joined the agency this year is put in charge of managing Seven.[14][15]
    • Vanderwood recalls Saeyoung's personality was stiff and he talked like a robot.[14]


  • Rika meets Jumin for the first time.


  • Zen breaks up with his then girlfriend. (5 years ago in OS)[16]


  • Rika personally meets Zen and gifts him flowers. (4 years ago in OS)
  • RFA is founded. (4 years ago in OS)[17]
    • Official members: V, Rika, Jumin, Saeyoung, Yoosung
  • RFA holds its first party.
  • December - Charity event (4 years ago in Christmas DLC):
    • Zen is 19 years old. It became legal for him to drink this year.
    • Seven is still studying aboard.


  • Sally dies.
    • Mika most likely dies around the time of Sally's death. (2 years ago in AS)
    • After Sally dies, Rika begins therapy at V's request.
  • Rika gifts a cat to Jumin. V names her Elizabeth the 3rd. Jumin quickly grows attached to his new pet.
  • June 11 - Saeyoung's 20th Birthday. He receives a floppy disk with Saeran's photographs as a gift. His personality changes from robot-like to the jokester 707. (over 2 years ago in AS)[18]
  • Zen has a motorbike accident. V, who was following him, calls an ambulance. He officially joins the RFA to thank V. (2 years ago in AS)
  • December 24~25 - Flashback of Jaehee on Christmas seeking a new job (3 years ago Christmas DLC)


  • Jaehee begins working for C&R.[19]
  • Ms. Choi passes away. Rika tries to cut off Saeran from his mother. Ms. Choi notices her son isn't coming back home and assaults Rika. It ends in Rika killing Saeran's mother in self-defense. It's staged as a suicide.[20]
  • Saeyoung returns from working and studying aboard in a foreign college.
  • Jaehee joins the RFA, 6 months after working for C&R.[19] (2 years ago in OS)
  • The RFA hosts its second party.[21] Notable events:
    • Jumin Han brings Elizabeth the 3rd to the party. Zen hates it.
    • Seven meets Jaehee for the first time and teases her and asks if she's a robot.
    • Rika and V have an huge fight and disappear in the middle of the party.
  • The apartment's security system is installed in Rika's apartment. At the second party, Rika convinces Seven to install the security system (explosives). (2 years ago in OS)[22]
  • Rika claims that after a fight, V cuts her access to the RFA, deletes her data and blocks her cellphone.[23]
  • Saeran's kidnapped to Mint Eye.(1 year ago in AS, 2 years ago in OS) After the second party.[24] About 6 months after his mother's death.


  • Rika disappears. (6 months ago in AS / 1 year and 6 months in OS) V claims she committed suicide to the RFA.
  • Possibly February(?) - Yoosung receives the news of Rika's death at his High School graduation party.
  • Rika's funeral is held.
  • Shortly after Rika's "death", Yoosung begins living alone[25] after he's admitted to college. Dyes his hair.
  • 6 months after Rika's "death" and Yoosung's college entrance, possibly around August or September- The player joins the RFA in AS


  • Around August/September - In OS, late 2016, the player joins the RFA, 1 year and 6 months after Rika's disappearance.
  • December - OS Christmas DLC

Final ages

V: 29 (AS) 30 (OS) - b. 1986 (does not match profile)
Jumin: 29 (AS) 30 (OS) - b. 1986 (does not match profile)
Rika: 28 (AS) 29 (OS) - b. 1987 (does not match profile)
Jaehee: 24 (AS) 25 (OS) - b. 1991
Zen: 22 (AS) 23 (OS) - b. 1993
Saeyoung: 22 (AS) 23 (OS) - b. 1993 (does not match profile)
Saeran: 22 (AS) 23 (OS) - b. 1993 (does not match profile)
Yoosung: 19 (AS) 20 (OS) - b. 1996

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