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This is the beautiful paradise where everyone is happy, Magenta...
— Saeran
Age x
Height 173 cm
Weight x kg
Blood type AB
Heart Color Magenta
Text Box Color Pink
VA x

Mysterious hacker that works for Mint Eye.


Saeran is a very complex character. Years of trauma from his Time at Mint Eye has split his personality into several personas. Overall Saeran is aloof, to himself and a hard worker. He is insecure and riddled with abandonment issues. This can lead him to seem a little overbearing, whether it's to his dedication to the Savior or his obsession with MC. His true self is filled with childlike wonder, his favorite things being ice cream and cloud gazing. He is hard to pin point without really talking about each persona as he isn't sure who he truly is anymore after practically being brainwashed by Magenta. As a child Saeran was described as a sweet boy who loved flowers and nature. A boy who came from a broken home and raised by even more toxic behavior. A boy who just wanted his rock, his brother. Someone who wouldn't hurt anyone and that is most prominent above all in his Ray persona. He also can be brash and unstable as seen in both Unknown and what the fandom calls "Suit Saeran" or just plain Saeran as he introduces himself in the game.

Ray as he is known around Magenta is pretty much the Savior's right hand man. He is loyal and yet highly insecure and afraid of being abandoned and left behind. This makes him come off as overbearing and obsessive. He is soft spoken and the embodiment of self hatred. He deems himself weak and unworthy of love. Ray is self deprecating yet somehow sweet and quick to put those who he deems worthy on a high pedestal. He is also portrayed as somewhat innocent and just a frightened child. Ray is the calmer of the personalities despite being a giant ball of anxieties and paranoia. He tends to the garden in Magenta and mentions the flowers are his friends. He is a good cook and obedient, known also to do anything his Savior wishes, from brushing her hair to having lunch with her. In general the same sweetheart who loves sweet foods and nature. This does not mean Ray is always gentle and can be quite dangerous and brash if crossed by other believers or by those he views as a threat. Ray has no problem manipulating those around him if it means they will stay. This changes later but at first he won't blink an eye to lying to MC or being emotionally manipulative so she won't leave.

Saeran is Ray's alter ego, he was made as a way for Ray to protect himself from others hurting him, a defense mechanism if you will. Saeran is brash and cruel, he is the monster he so feared as a child without any remorse. Saeran is degrading and rough, he won't blink an eye to shouting and is in a constant battle to prove he is the strongest and worthiest of the Savior's time. Saeran is everything he hated in his mother but in order to protect his fragile heart he is the perfect weapon. He's careless and sloppy. He is a trickster and impatient. He won't blink an eye to hurting someone and highly unstable, fueled only by absolute rage. Though this personality was made as protection he also hates his other self, constantly calling him "weak" and claims he would be happier if his weaker self just disappeared. It is implied that he is very rough with MC, doesn't think twice about biting her, scaring her and starving her. Though later you do see him struggling, he is confused as to why he feels empty even after letting out his frustrations on MC or a believer. He blames this change on his other self but he does struggle endlessly when it comes to his own thoughts and feelings. He has something to prove, is it to MC? His Savior?..or himself?

Overall both these personalities are desperate cry for love. Starved and put down constantly he has a skewed view on the world, its not til MC comes and shows him basic human kindness and decency that he starts to change.

Unknown is probably the most dangerous of all the personalities. He is a perfect mix of Saeran and Ray. He's calculated and cool, cynical, flirty and precise and will stop at nothing to get the revenge he so seeks. Unknown is a result of years on the Elixir and the lies fed to him by the cult. He comes off as playful, flirtatious and quick to anger. He is exactly what the "coming together" of personalities was for Ray at the end of his route would have been without patience and understanding. Melded into something much more unstable and dark. Unknown won't bat an eye at destroying those in his path, whether he likes them or not. He is eerily calm most times unless it involves being abandoned, almost as if hurting others and punishing others is a game. He also has a kind streak but it is very rarely seen. Everything is a game, a game that only has one ending... Revenge. Unknown is also, as unstable as he is, just desperate. A culmination of desperation, fear of abandonment and listlessness, there are times where he just wants to give up. You don't see this much in the game, til you get to the Secret Ends but he comes off as someone who is truly just tired of fighting. Someone tired of being fed lies, untrusting and just wanting to hide away in his own world, where no one will hurt him anymore. He just wants freedom and to be left alone. Nothing makes sense anymore and he just wants it all over.

At the end of his own route, Saeran is calm, at peace and loving. He still has a lot of self doubt but finds his strength in MC which leads to him being the closest to his true self as he was as a child. Never losing his love for flowers and clouds, he is a gentle soul who likes to play with MC and willing to try to make things right. Flirtatious and poetic, he raises MC to a higher standard while also slowly starting to accept himself too. He has a way with words and somehow finds self confidence enough to know he is no longer a doormat to be walked upon. Not too much is given to his end goal personality but hopefully this can be updated in the future once we learn more about him.

Background and Timeline


Description Emoji Sound English Translation
Happy Ray Happy 하하하하하. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Well Ray Well 고마워. Thank you.
Sad Ray Sad 흑흑... *sob*
Ray Happy 널 위해 준비했어! I prepared for you!
Excited Ray Sad 좋아! All right!
Ray Sad 흥! Hmph!
Questioning Ray Happy 흠...? Hmm...?

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