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The reason I created the RFA is because I could endure living when I helped others... I felt like I could breathe when I saw the happy and satisfied faces created by me.
— Rika
Korean 리카
Age ?
Height 159 cm (5’2½”)
Weight 46 kg (101.41 pounds)
Blood type Type B
Heart Color None
Text Box Color None
VA Hyunjin Lee (이현진)

Character Profile

Rika (리카) Rika was the founder of the R.F.A. and the previous party coordinator, naming it after herself (Rika's Fundraising Association). The MC takes on her role around 2 years after her suicide, and the parties she organized continue. Before she met her demise, she managed to organize two parties in total, with the MC helping the R.F.A. prepare for the third one. Her legacy can be seen in many of the characters, and her mysterious past with the R.F.A. members slowly unfolds over the course of the game.


Rika is a young woman, with long , blonde, wavy hair that stretches to her lower back. She has large green eyes and a button nose.

She is usually seen wearing a cream-coloured midi dress with a pronounced waist.The dress bears a white bow on the chest area , and two brown stripes of varying diameter on her lower skirt.


When attending to her Savior duties , she is seen wearing two outfits- an elaborate robe and a black dress .

The dress is similar in appearance to her regular one , with slight differences. The differences include a deep V cut , exposed shoulders and back area and a choker around the neck, decorated with three intricately designed jewels. The dress also appears to be a lot more diaphonous (sheer) than her regular one.


Rika is first shown to be generally kind , thoughtful and charismatic. Throughout the course of the game, the player is shown more sides of her - such as her empathetic nature and a propensity to charity work . Aspects of her are shown differently through her shared past with some of the R.F.A members , which the player experiences through the routes.


  • In Zens route, she is shown to be a person interested in his work, being one of his first and oldest supporters. Her kind and excitable way of approaching Zen gives the player a look into the face Rika usually presents to people she meets for the first time.

  • In Yoosungs route, Rikas thoughts and feelings are explored more - her mental illness, and the issues that come with it are briefly discussed , though most of the route focuses on her friendship with Yoosung , and how her nature helped him on his way to become a college student. Rikas emotional response to tragedies is also shown.

  • In Jaehees route , Rika - a person Jaehee didn't interact with all that much , is only shown in brief snippets where more of her illness is shown . Her insecurity is shown off more prominently, which leads to the discovery of the occasional feelings of anger that shine a light on new aspects of the character.