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Ray's route was a route added 31st January 2018 and is part of Another Story. In this route Ray can be pursued romantically.

Like all other routes it takes place during eleven days and includes seven different endings. It's divided in three parts: Another Story Common Days, arc 1 and arc 2.

How to Obtain it

The player needs 550 Hourglasses to unlock Another Story. It's an one-time payment that makes Another Story Common Days, V's route and Ray's route completely accessible.
Then, the player needs to get at least 65 Ray Heart or more at the end of day 4 in order to progress to his route on day 5. The type (good or bad) doesn't matter.

Route Description

Before you play be prepared for heavy themes of abuse that are featured in this route.


Arc 1

  • The route opens up with a visual novel of Ray taking MC to Magenta's garden.
    • There he confesses the "game" he made MC play isn't a game but an actual chatting app.
    • V finds both Ray and the player in the garden.
  • After the this scene, Ray's mood considerably plummets.
  • xxxxxxx

Arc 2

  • To be written...

Chat Time Tables

(To be added later)

Good & Bad Hearts Answer List (Ray Only)

(To be added later)

Obtainable Endings

The game checks amount of bad hearts first for a bad story ending, total amount of hearts to pass a bad relationship ending second. Both Ray's bad hearts and Ray's good hearts use the same icon and color ( Ray Heart ).

Ending Number & Type of Ray Heart Day Checkpoint after the following chat
Ray's Route BE1 Over 45 bad hearts Day 6 23:19 – "At the top of the work pile"
Ray's Route BRE1 Less than 145 hearts [good+bad] Day 6 23:19 – "At the top of the work pile"
Ray's Route BE2 Over 135 bad hearts Day 9 14:31 – "How Does It Feel?"
Ray's Route BE3 Over 235 bad hearts Day 10 16:13 – "Return of Jumin"
Ray's Route BRE2 Less than 450 hearts [good+bad] Day 10 16:13 – "Return of Jumin"
Ray's Normal End Less than 16 guests Day 11
Ray's Good End 16 guests or more Day 11