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This page serves as the general policy document for the MysticWiki website. It functions as the site's constitution, and all other policy documents issue forth from it.

Code of conduct

This applies to all registered users.

  1. No SPAM or advertising: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are not welcome here. Anyone who joins to SPAM will be permanently banned on sight. Keep discussion on-topic on all talk pages.
  2. No flaming/baiting/disrespect: Messing with other members as a joke is okay if everyone is okay with it, but preying on others using provocative or inflammatory comments is unacceptable.
  3. 'No explicit or adult content: Yes, this includes suggestive content such as ecchi. If it’s even somewhat explicit, expect it to be removed and a warning given. More egregious violations may result in a block.
  4. No sharing of personal info: Personally identifiable information about users is to be kept private. Any kind of information that can link a user to their real lives is forbidden, unless they post it for themselves.
  5. No piracy, warez, or illegal acts: We do not permit illegal activity, and that includes sharing illicit torrents, links to sites involving piracy, and tools that circumvent copy protection such as keygens or cracks. Sharing torrents is fine if you have the legal right to do so, but if it is suspected to have a copyrighted payload it will be removed on sight. MysticWiki is subject to the laws of France as well as the laws of the United States of America, so those must be adhered to where applicable as well.

Additional policies

  • Copyright – Our copyright policies. This covers user-generated content and our fair use disclaimers.