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Due to the prevalence of SPAM on the Worldwide Web and the advent of deep learning technologies to thwart conventional anti-SPAM protection mechanisms, the Webmaster has made the decision to disable open registration of accounts.

However, we do not want to eschew the wiki culture of open access — on the contrary, it has never been more critical to the continuation of a healthy and useful Web. The MysticWiki is part of the Encyclosphere, a concept created by Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger. In pursuit of this ethos, requesting an account is as simple and flexible as we can make it. We do not use the MediaWiki extensions commonly seen on other wikis that provide an HTML form for application.

If you want an account, please either:

  • email the Editor-in-Chief, Anarki. Their address is their username at the domain you are reading this on.
  • join their Discord guild and request an account there.