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This is a guide for editing articles on the MysticWiki. It outlines all of the major conventions and rules for editing, including those for writing style, page formatting, use of tabs and tables, and more. While it attempts to address every aspect of editing the wiki objectively, there may remain edge cases that should be discussed with the Editorial board.

Basic page formatting

Contributors are expected to write in English, and to use correct spelling and grammar. Contributors should always write in the third person, and should avoid using contractions or other mannerisms of colloquial language.


A basic proficiency with wikicode is necessary. A short rundown of this is shown below.

  • To bold text, place it in triple apostrophes; '''aeroplane''' becomes aeroplane.
  • To italicise text, place it in double apostrophes; ''submarine'' becomes submarine.
  • In most cases, emphasis is achieved with italics, not bolding. The exception to this is with the subject matter in an article's opening paragraph.
  • To link to another article, place it within double square brackets; [[Main Page]] becomes Main Page.
    • To make a link display alternative text, use a pipe within the brackets; [[Main Page|Home]] becomes Home, which links to Main Page.
    • There are several shortlink templates that are part of best practise when linking to certain namespaces or other wikis. For instance, linking to an article on Wikipedia can be done like so: {{wp|Charlemagne}} will link to the Wikipedia page for Charlemagne. Linking into the meta namespace can be done like so: {{mys|Editorial board}} will link to the Editorial board meta page.
    • External links are made with single square brackets, and pipes are not used; [ Arqadium home] will link to the homepage for Arqadium, like so: Arqadium home
  • Images are inserted similarly to links, but using the File: namespace prefix; [[File:Image.png]] will insert that image into the page right there.
  • Categorising pages is done using links to the Category: namespace prefix; [[Category:Guests]] will add the page to the Category:Guests category.
    • To link to a category directly rather than categorise the page under it, prepend a colon to the namespace like so: [[:Category:Guests]]
    • All pages should be categorised! The only page that should appear on the list of uncategorised pages is the Main Page.
  • Headings are divided into levels using equal signs on both sides of the heading. There are six total levels of headings, the first always being reserved by MediaWiki for article titles.
    • The highest level of headings to use in wikicode is level 2, like so: ==My section==