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This page outlines the staff governance structure for prompt and effective administration of this MysticWiki. It is loosely modelled after the staff structure of Bulbapedia's Editorial Board and associated administrative constructs. As this wiki is fairly new, much of the hierarchy is unimplemented and will remain so until there is enough activity to warrant it.

Staff structure

There are five (5) major user groups with staff powers attached to them. Each of them has a "staff glyph" of a specifically-coloured Greek letter associated with it; this will show up next to the usernames of such users in places like the RC log. For consistency's sake, bots are counted among this, but they are not staff in the usual sense because they are not humans. For completeness' sake, autoconfirmed users are listed as well, and although they have additional editing capabilities, they are also not staff.

Position Description
Webmaster ξ Chief policymaker, wiki webmaster, website sysadmin, hosting provider liasion
Editor-in-Chief ζ Policymaker, webmaster liasion, media liasion, editorial board chief, staff elector
Bureaucrat β Policymaker, editorial board member, staff elector
Administrator α Empowered editor
Bot π Robot for automating wiki tasks
Autoconfirmed user Users who have made enough edits to have full editing privileges

Editorial board

The MysticWiki intends to facilitate a fully-staffed editorial board, comprised of twelve (12) editorial board members and headed by an editor-in-chief, or EiC. For the sake of pragmatism, the only bureaucrats will be board members, so that one's status as a bureaucrat implies editorial board membership.

For the time being, the editorial board is solely comprised of the Editor-in-Chief Anarki ζ. Upon consultation and agreement between the Editor-in-Chief and the Webmaster Alexander ξ, a proper editorial board may be formed as described.


Editorial board members hold their positions indefinitely, until they either die, retire, or put on a demoted leave of absence. In the event a seat is vacated, it may be filled by one or more board members nominating a sysop for promotion. When this happens, a vote is called among all existing board members, including the editor-in-chief. A simple majority decides whether promotion goes through. If the votes are split 50-50, as may be the case with an 11-member board + the editor-in-chief, the EiC's vote serves as the tie-breaker.


Administrators, also known as sysops or janitors, possess more powerful editing abilities, such as the power to move and delete pages, suppress redirects, move and delete files, reupload new revisions of files, edit protected pages, protect pages, execute rollbacks, and more. Their role on the wiki is not bureaucratic, as they have no influence or vote in decisions for staff promotions or demotions, wiki policy changes, or other site changes. In contrast to wikis with open account creation, sysops do not have the ability to block users.