Chief Lamsay

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Chief Lamsay
Account @chef
Where to Invite:
Deep Story common days, Day 3, Chat 5

Chief Grandpa Lamsay


Dear RFA Party Coordinator,

Hello, I'm Chef RamG. I hope you don't waste my time. I don't need to hear any pathetic explanations, so just answer my questions!!!! Alright??!!!! A very, very easy question. I'll go ballistic if you can't answer. So choose wisely. How many cups of water do you need when making ramen?

Yes, chef.

Hello, my name is (name). For one portion of ramen, 3 cups is appropriate.

Sincerely, (name)

Hello. I'm (name), RFA's guest coordinator.

I'm pretty good at making ramen. I pride myself in being the world's best when it comes to adding the right amount of water. It'll be very delicious if you put three cups first and then another three cups later. I think even 3 michelin star chefs can be unskilled when it comes to instant noodles :) Don't be shy >< We all learn this way! If you come to the party, I'll make you a bowl of ramen myself.

Best, (name)

Dear RFA Representative,

I don't care about your name!
I'll let you go this time because you got it right, but next time, I won't even give you a chance to answer.
But 3 cups of water is the perfect amount. Very harmonious.
This isn't it. Are you interested in desserts?
You'd better be.
I'm sure you know that the dough is crucial in baking cookies. Do you know what to do when you want crispy cookies?

-Chef RamG

Dear RFA Representative,

World's best???? You mean the world's best >@$%&XXXX idiot?? 6 cups???? With that much water in your pot, you could hold a swim competition there!!!! And you want to give that to me? That's not being kind, that's torture. I won't go to the party!!

-Chef RamG